About us

GSS Organics is your one-stop-shop for all natural and organic food and cosmetic products in Mysuru that aims to bring back the lost goodness of natural products.

A Brief Introduction

GSS Organics offers the best and healthiest range of organic food products and cosmetic products, thereby providing an unadulterated food experience and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the community.

From Nature to Customer

How Can We Reintroduce Originality to Our Lives ?

By increasing the quantity of organic products inflow to the market.

Healthy Life

Gradually minimise the consumption of mass-produced food products

Our Principles

Deliver the best quality food & cosmetic products to the community

Environment Safe

Grow and sell products that are grown minus all the artificial additives

Nutrient Rich

Promote the growth of food rich in nutrients and natural minerals

Why should we use organic products?
What are its benefits?

Organic products are obtained in the most natural way, without adding any fertilizers to boost the quantity of altering its genes to suit our needs. The cost of growing organic products is high and the produce is much lower than the conventional methods.

100% Natural Ingredients

No addition of chemicals or extra processing means the product is 100% natural

Non-allergenic in Nature

The lack of additives in the cosmetic products ensures zero allergies

Preserve the Environment

Made naturally with care by human hands without any usage of harmful chemicals

Safer and Better Alternatives

Natural processing ensures the safe usage and application of products

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About Us

GSS Organics is a retail store in
Mysuru that specialises in offering
organic food & cosmetic products,
yoga accessories and apparels.

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+91 9538076642


1104, Udayaravi Road, Kuvempunagar, Mysore

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